Russia Desk is now here !

JBrown’s extensive global network works as a key to unlock exclusive investment opportunities for Russian investors in the UK. Following your expression of interest, you will be partnered with a Russian speaking member of our expert team. Our experts will listen to your needs and objectives so that we are able to provide a tailored service and ensure we find the right property for you. We will guide you and take care of your every need throughout the process. Our experienced team will provide you with impartial advice and act on your behalf ensuring that we are able to achieve the best possible deal for you.

Why invest in the UK?

  • It’s simple and safer to buy property in the U.K. - U.K. laws do not discriminate against foreign nationals.
  • Your estate agent can negotiate on your behalf, making the process of buying property hassle free, and giving you the best possible price.
  • The UK’s property market provides an ideal environment for investors looking to buy well-priced residential and commercial properties, offering solid rental potential and long-term growth prospects.
  • Special reductions and slashed prices are widely available in both off-plan and re-sale markets, allowing investment opportunities at all entry levels

Angelina Kharitonova