You're the future of Estate Agency

From our modest start in Mayfair to today, JBrown is growing in the UK and internationally, rising in the real estate sector to become one of the largest single-branded agency. Our network is growing exponentially and we are seeking to continue this growth and help grow the JBrown brand.

The JBrown businesses are managed and owned by dedicated people who understand the JBrown ethos and want to be a part of the brand. These individuals know their local area like the back of their hands, and are part of the local community. And that is what makes us successful. Every year, JBrown is looking to grow, and we are excited in finding new locations where the JBrown brand can and will excel. All our offices are independently owned and operated by our local experts and form part of an extensive and supported network.

We would like to speak to you if you are the owner of an existing estate agency, an experienced senior manager in the industry, or an entrepreneur who wants to get involved with the JBrown brand. If your goal is to own a successful business and you are passionate about what you do, then we want to hear from you.

If you would like to know more about the JBrown business opportunity, or have some questions, contact us and we will arrange a meeting. Lets help you make your next move.

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